FG Bonbons

Only the very best is good enough for you. FG Bonbons have been made with the utmost care and without any harmful artificial additives. FG Bonbons are A-grade.

The shell of FG Bonbons – prepared with Valrhona Guanaja 70% – is significantly slimmer than average, giving it a nice snap.

The secret of the shell is in the crystallization of the chocolate: the chocolate is tempered or tabled at the right temperature. The designs – from Mondrian to Delft blue – consist of purely colored cocoa butter.

Each of our FG Bonbons welcomes you with a polish and a smile.

The fillings are far from common. Some bonbons have a cream-based, others a fruit puree-based ganache.

The flavors differ every day: from raspberry/rose/lychee/voatsiperifery (wild pepper from Madagascar) to Bacardi Coke to chrysanthemum/cherry to dashi (Japanese broth)/kombu,

all (in)conceivable flavors are covered.

Sold separately, FG Bonbons cost 1,75 euros each, and they are available per 9, 12 or 24 pieces.

FG Bonbons can only be ordered via 010-4250520 or via info@fgrestaurant.nl / info@fgfoodlabs.nl, after which they can be picked up at the agreed time at FG Restaurant or FG Food Labs on Katshoek 37b-41 in Rotterdam.