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Food Labs by
François Geurds

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Welcome to François Geurds

Food Labs by François Geurds (one Michelin star) is an attraction within an attraction, an impressive railway tunnel under the Rotterdam Hofbogen. Whether as a stopover (lunch) or as your final destination (dinner), this is one gastronomic journey you’ll always remember!

François Geurds At Food Labs by François Geurds they are constantly looking for that one dish that evokes a special memory or creates a lasting feeling of well-being. A limitless dining experience, they aim for nothing less – every day anew. ​

In the area of flavor, no restaurant on Dutch soil is as advanced. The owner, top-chef François Geurds, is the only chef in the Dutch gastronomy with his own flavor laboratory. He experiments just as long as it takes until perfection is achieved; before that point the creation does not reach your plate.

François Geurds & Team

FG Bonbons

Only the very best is good enough for you. FG Bonbons have been made with the utmost care and without any harmful artificial additives. FG Bonbons are A-grade. The shell of FG Bonbons - prepared with Valrhona Guanaja 70% - is significantly slimmer than average, giving it a nice snap. The secret of the shell is in the crystallization of the chocolate: the chocolate is tempered or tabled at the right temperature. The designs - from Mondrian to Delft blue - consist of purely colored cocoa butter. Read more »


We understand that, after a wonderful experience at our restaurant, you want to end the evening in style.
We would like to offer you four accommodation suggestions in beautiful Rotterdam,
so you won't have to worry about a thing after an evening of enjoyment. More info »



Food Labs by François Geurds
Katshoek 41
3032 AE Rotterdam
the Netherlands

Tel: +31 10 425 0520

We are open on

Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Lunch: from 12 PM
  • Dinner: from 6.00 PM


  • Lunch: from 12 PM

FG Restaurant is open on


  • Dinner: from 6.30 PM

Friday and Saturday

  • Lunch: from 12 PM
  • Dinner: from 7 PM