François Geurds Restaurant

François Geurds

Chef François Geurds has his feet firmly on the ground. He wants his team and the guests to be able to be themselves. Whether you arrive in a three-piece suit or a pair of jeans and sneakers, as long as you have come to enjoy yourself and be surprised, our door is open for you. And everyone receives exactly the same treatment.

François Geurds (FG) Restaurant (2 Michelin stars) has 50 extremely comfortable swivel chairs and an ultraluxe bar that seats 8. At this ultraluxe bar, you can enjoy Kobe beef or Wagyu A5 with your fingers, or a dab of barely salted caviar from the white Siberian sturgeon. Here you can drink a Millésimé Blanc de Blancs or a homemade cocktail with house-crafted gin.

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